Wood Bases

Some of the bases of our tables are made of wood. We attempt to offer almost always solid wood solutions, yet, occasionally we offer our clients wood laminated products that, while offering an equally elegant solution, they result in more economical and more secure bases for our heavy stone tops.

We offer in solid wood three types of woods: oak, chestnut and teak (cultivated). The first two coming from the USA where they have been kill dried, while the third one from Indonesia the largest producer or renewable teak in the Orient, where it is also dried.  The processing of the bases depends on the particular design of the table. Some are produced in the USA, some other in Italy, and some in the Orient.

All laminated bases are manufactured in the USA using USA product of very high quality.

Our wood is finished in five different type of finishes, however, if the client provides with a sample of a particular finish we may be able to furnish it.