Custom Design

Veneto Tables offers two specific Custom Design options to our Clients:


Optimization will allow you to customize your own unique table with your own personal preference! By selecting from our available inventory, we will allow you to combine your favorite base and top that best suits your style. This method is to give our customers the chance to be their own designer by optimizing colors, textures and style.


To inquire more information, please feel free to contact us!

Specific Design

This method is intended for those who posses a Commercial Business such as Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and etc. This unique service we offer will consist of our assistance in designing and subsequently manufacturing to better serve the needs of our customers on a personal level.

You will be required to acquire at least 10 units and signed documentation. This formal contract will specify the cost of materials used, delivery expectations, form of payment and any incidentals such as unexpected delays must be accepted by both parties for this service.